b0004 Tan Zi Liang

Now Tan Zi Liang is in ACJC, JC1.

Tan Zi Liang was from Nan Hua Sec  
Here is his academic result when he was still ini Nan Hua Secondary.

Zi Liang's Phys Quiz result. 

Zi Liang's Chem Quiz result. 

Zi Liang's A Maths Common test result.

Zi Liang's Chem Common test result.

Zi Liang's E Maths Common test result. 

Zi Liang's Phys Common test result. 

Recently (May 2010) Zi Liang received award from his school. He had the highest score in Physics for Sec 3.
Here is his certificate :  

Tan ZiLiang's O level result slip has come out.  He got all A for Maths Physics and Chemistry!!!