[5] classes

The Class

I teach at my home in Bukit Batok for chemistry class. Here is the address :

Block 642

Bukit Batok Central

It is very near to Bukit Batok MRT. 

Here are the schedules for Chemistry classes.

Sec 3 Pure Chemistry = Monday 7:00 pm
Sec 4 Pure Chemistry = Thursday 7:30 pm
Sec 4 Combined Chemistry = Tuesday 4:00 pm
Sec 4 Combined Chemistry = Friday 5 :00 pm

IB SL Y2 Chemistry = Monday 5:00 pm
IB HL Y1 Chemistry = Wednesday 5 :30 pm
IB HL Y1 Chemistry = Thursday 5:30 pm
IB HL Y1 Chemistry = Sunday 5 :00 pm

JC1 H2 Chemistry = Tuesday 7:30 pm
JC2 H2 Chemistry = Saturday 7:30 pm

Please check the availibility of the seat for the above schedule by calling  9088 5633.

Trial Class
The best way to see whether my teaching method suits you is by coming to my trial lesson. The trial lesson is conducted at the lesson itself. You can decide for yourself. Most likely it is.
Please contact my wife = secretary (some student think she is my boss) = Velika  at 90885633 to book for tuition.  She is handling my schedule.  It’s difficult for you to contact me directly because most of the time I'll be teaching.  See you there!