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Thanks for checking out my web site!

During this June Holiday, I am opening 
chemistry workshop classes.

I will cover several popular chapters like : bonding and structure, VSEPR, and of course Organic Chemistry.  Please click the link above to see the schedule. 

If you're looking for Chemistry tuition for Sec 3, Sec 4, JC 1 and JC 2, you come to the right place.  If you're the parent, you can ask your daughter / son to check on this web site.  My name is Cecil Sie.  I teach Chemistry to Sec 3, Sec 4, JC 1, JC 2.  

Most probably you are checking my website because you get BAD Chemistry Test result.  I have listed
10 main reason of BAD Chem Test Result. 

If you can identify your problem with Chemistry, it will be easier for me to help you later when you come for the trial lesson. Reason 1 and Reason 2 is the easiest to solve. 

In my opinion, for your O level / A level planning strategy, Chemistry is the easiest subject to score an A.  Or to make it more specific, for every 1 hour you spend on learning Chemistry, you'll get the highest probability of scoring an A, compared with other subject.  I am a Chem tutor, so I might be biased towards Chemistry.  To get a more balanced view, you can participate in my survey .

Weak students come to me. I do not require a minimum result for students.  What I asked from students is their commitment to study.  
Now, there are various level of commitment to learn that students have.  This is how I specify a student's commitment as acceptable :
1. Study Chemistry for 30 minutes per day for average students.
Weak students should study 1 hour per day.
2. Come for tuition regularly.

Similarly, since you're putting effort to study you want to make sure that I am the right tutor for you.

Cecil Sie, Msc. Chemistry Tutor.
My photograph when I was still thin.

Here is the list of things you can do before you appoint me as  your tutor:

[1] See my qualification 

I have a master degree in Civil Engineering from NUS through ASEAN Graduate Scholarship in 2001.

[2] Check out my former students' testimonials .

[3] Download my free ebooks .

[4] Ask my former students and current students about my tuition.

I have taught since 2001. Lots of students. Check out list of my students , you might have known some of them. If you know them, or you are in the same school, ask them about my tuition.

[5] Attend my free trial lesson 

My trial lesson is in my class in Bukit Batok.  Bring your problem, test paper (the one where you get bad result), or simply bring your notes.  For Sec3 - Sec4 students, the trial lesson is 90 minutes.  For JC1 - JC2, the trial lesson is 2 hours.  I'll see how you work and I'll give you advice on how you can improve chemistry.

After you decide to come for free trial lesson, call me and look up the schedule here 

[6] Come to my workshop 

You might need help on only certain topics.
Sec 3 students usually have problems in
 mol calculations.  
In Sec 4 Chemistry , the difficult topics are
electrolysis and  
organic chemistry.
For JC students, we have workshops on
chemical bonding (VSEPR),
ionic equilibrium,
and organic chemistry.
The workshop is done on Saturdays.  One workshop is two sessions, 2 hours each, 5 to 7 pm. 

Please check out our  schedule here . 
When you decide to join our tuition, please choose you schedule and  contact us.

I have a organic chemistry model and VSEPR model.  Usually I asked the students to make the models themselves.  You need to do make it yourself to understand how the models behaves.