b0020 Damian Chong

School : Raffles JC
class : 15 SO 3 J , civic.
House name = Buckle - Buckley
House color = Green.

CCA = swimming
Swimming Club = Chinese Swimming Club. 

Part time job = modelling
modelling company = Carrie Models http://www.cal-carries.com

Carrer plan 1 : become an orthopedic.  
Carrer plan 2 : CEO of finance company.

I teach Damian every Sunday evening in his house in Kembangan.  His room is on the third floor, so I need to take 2 flight of stairs.  His mother is always in working on a computer on the third floor when I came.  In his room there are a lot of medals he won from swimming competition.

This pile of his medals from swimming competitions  are on my left side of the my chair when I teach him. His room is also very messy.  On the top shelf, some of the cup is rusty. He lost some of the medals also. 

On March 2014, Damian won 2 gold and one bronze medal in a swimming competition. 

from http://blog.singaporestudent.com/p/c401-2011-my-students-in-2011.html